Attic Mold

So you found mold in your attic, now what?
First off, don’t worry. Many of the attics in the Midwest have some level of mold or mold staining due to our crazy rapidly changing seasons and constant change of temperature.

Keep in mind that mold in of itself is not a cause but an effect of another problem, mostly lack of attic venting and or excess moisture being trapped in the attic space for an extended period of time. In our climate, attic ventilation is extremely important but it continues to be one of the most misunderstood and neglected parts of a home.

What do you do next?

If you don’t fix the source of the moisture the mold may come back even after it is removed and disinfected properly. Affiliated Building Services LLC. does not fix moisture source issues. However, we will be happy to point out any unwanted moisture sources we may discover at the time we perform our mold removal estimate.

What we do best
We offer one of the most effective and affordable services to remove the black mold and disinfect your attic space. Our attic mold removal process will remove and disinfect not only the surface but will soak into the wood roof sheathing and remove the mold down to the root.

Don’t be confused by expensive and elaborate cleaning processes, we can generally clean your entire attic in one day or less with 100% guaranteed results to pass a mold test.

Call us today to make an appointment or in some cases we can even quote you right over the phone.