Our Fogging Process Kills Mold, Odors, Viruses, and Bacteria

Why does my basement smell musty?

Mold, bacteria, and viruses are all living organisms and are microscopic, too small to see with the naked eye. Odors produced by these are also molecular in size. The common offensive smells are caused by the chemical reaction of bacteria feeding off something like proteins. When you kill the bacteria, you kill the smell. Dehumidifiers can remove moisture, but won’t kill the bacteria.

What are the benefits of our dry fog?

  • Unwanted odors are eliminated making it easier to sell your home.
  • Offers a quick way to disinfect any area
  • No wet residue or mess so your contents can remain in place during the process
  • Fog can penetrate into hard to reach areas
  • Our process is quick; enabling you to return to your space in just 2-3 hours
  • Safe – EPA approved
  • Removes odors, kills bacteria, and viruses
  • Excellent solution to fight allergens
  • Can be used to disinfect ductwork systems

What is Fogging?

We utilize a dry gas propelled disinfectant mixture that is pet safe and will not harm any surfaces or contents. It is EPA approved and hospital safe. We offer fogging separately or in conjunction with our full mold cleaning process. Not sure if you need fogging? Just call us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

How long will the process take?

If we are fogging one area of the home or the entire home we can complete our process the same day enabling you to return after just a few hours.